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This blog is about making fitness easy

so you can live a remarkable, successful, happy life.

Progress Comparison

No fancy lighting, diuretics or gross tanning oils (I might be flexing.) In the words of one of my mentors, when I sent him photos: “This is what  progress in the real world looks like.”

Hello, Internet. I’m Mike.

I’m obsessed with this question:

Why is it that for some people losing weight and keeping it off seems impossible, while for others it is so much easier, and it’s a catalyst for so many other amazing changes in their life (more money, more free time, more success in their relationships and their career)?

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why or how some people seem to maintain awesome physiques so effortlessly?
  • Whether it’s possible that those people who seem to eat whatever they want and still stay slim are (gasp!) actually doing something right? (And maybe we should figure out what that is?)
  • How do they make it seem so easy and effortless?
  • How do you find 70-year-old CEOs successfully managing companies, then running triathlons on the weekend? What’s their “secret”?

So, with that said, this blog is for you if…

  • You’re in your 20s or 30s, your metabolism is starting to slow down, maybe you’re gaining more weight than you’d like, and you’re thinking, oh shit oh shit I need to get this under control.
  • You want to lose some or lots of fat, but you hate the feeling of being hungry all the time.
  • You want to lose fat, but you ****ing love sugar (and, y’know, food more generally).
  • You hate thinking about food all the time (either when on a “diet” or off).
  • You wish you could just have a healthy relationship with food.
  • You regularly see people who make it all seem so easy, and you want to dig deep and find out how that works.
  • You’ve been confused by totally contradictory diet advice spewed off by the fitness and diet industry.
  • You’ve ever gained weight back after dieting.
  • You’ve heard the phrase “diets don’t work!” but thought, Okay, that’s cool, but I’d still really like to get a better physique… so… uh… WTF?
  • You’re ready to make massive, huge, successful changes in your life.

So: this blog is about losing weight and keeping it off forever, all while improving the other aspects of your life.

It’s also about one of the most neglected aspects of dieting and weight loss: mindset. I believe your mindset and psychology is the difference between being a chronic yoyo dieter and an insanely inspiring success story.

That’s the difference between yoyo dieters and people who make it seem totally easy, whether these people have just always been thin or they’ve lost weight and kept it off easily for years. Ask yourself: is it all really just “genetics”? Or does that seem suspiciously a bit too simple?

In this blog I’ll explore how you can make big changes in your physique while maintaining a positive, healthy, and happy relationship with food and eating.

(Since c’mon: food is amazing.)

I’ll examine concrete strategies you can implement to improve your level of fitness, improve your mindset and your relationship with food, and improve your overall well-being. We’ll explore how you can be fit while creating more time for what’s important to you.

Dieting and fitness can be hard (sometimes). I’m interested in strategies that make it easy, fun, enjoyable, and that help people achieve huge success.

About Me


Almost a decade ago I turned 18, got fed up with being overweight, and went on an extreme (read: very dumb) diet, before transitioning to a slightly less dumb diet (though it was still pretty dumb).

AND YET despite how silly my diet was, I lost a bunch of weight — over 100 lbs.

Weirdly, I was successful.

Also: I wasn’t burned out. I didn’t gain it back. It actually, amazingly worked.

Despite messing up a lot (seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough), I’ve consistently kept the weight off. I’ve mostly had fun doing it (full disclosure: I’ve occasionally messed up in this area, too, by getting too obsessed at times), and fitness is a very positive part of my life.

Having spent a decade reading and learning, experimenting and messing up, I’m convinced that most diets and dieting advice out there totally misses the forest for the trees.

Most dieting advice:

  • Focuses on individual silly tactics rather than the underlying strategies, or the mindset that makes those tactics actually work.
  • Focuses on the things that don’t really make any difference, so you put in a ton of work worrying about something that, even if you get it right, won’t make a big impact on your fitness.

By contrast, I’m obsessed with finding out what strategies result in huge wins. I’m also about a bit obsessed with finding hacks and strategies that make losing weight, gaining muscle, and other fitness goals both easy and fun. As far as I can tell, the modern dieting and modern food industries are messing us up; they’re taking advantage of our programming (our habits, our subconscious, and so on) and making food and fitness much more difficult than it should be. Let’s reverse that. Let’s use the same strategies they use in order to make food and fitness amazingly easy.

Now, this blog is definitely not for you if:

  • You’re looking for another “diet” that you can follow to lose 90 lbs in 6 weeks, all while adding 20 lbs of muscle. Uh… no.
  • You want any other kind of fad diet quick fix.
  • You already know it all. (I sure as hell don’t; this blog’s about learning.)

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to learn some weird stuff, and get outside any traditional dieting mindsets that have failed so far, then this blog might just be for you. Sign up for the email newsletter now and I’ll send you my “no willpower” guide to getting rid of unwanted hunger, totally free.